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Three Housewives Talk About the Marathon

Posted March. 02, 2005 22:40,   


The personal record of Mrs. Ha, who first started marathon running in 2001, is two hours 12 minutes. Mrs. Cha started running at 2003 and has a personal best record of three hours 59 minutes 55 seconds for a full course. Mrs. Park started running marathons in 2001, and her full course record is five hours 15 minutes 55 seconds.

Ha: At the Gangnam Runner’s Club where I am active, there are only 10 women, and most came with their spouse. No one is in their twenties.

Cha: I also started participating in the triathlon last year with my husband. It was possible because my mother took care of my kids (nine-year-old son, five-year-old daughter).

Park: The club at my workplace also lacks women. Women usually start running only when they feel that their health is deteriorating in their late thirties.

Ha: My respiratory system and my heart are weak, and I failed in a lot of sports. That’s why I started running, but I realized that it wasn’t a sport that could be done just by guts.

Park: This is the second time I’ve run a full course, but I still have an unidentifiable fear. I couldn’t prepare because it was so cold. My husband started because of me, but now he’s even more into the sport.

Park: I started because my husband kept railing at me to “run the marathon so that you lose weight.” But my weight is the same as ever. Of course, my body fat rate has decreased.

Ha: When I run the marathon, I feel my weight increasing because of all those extra muscles. But I feel my skin gaining elasticity. And my thighs don’t get bigger.

Cha: If you start running, an athletic body shape naturally follows.

Ha: But if you stress out in the process, you’re going to get wrinkles on your face, especially if you’re in your fifties.

Park: Try running in the sun. That’s the end of your skin as you know it.

Ha: The beauty of the marathon is when you run, and taking a shower after running, don’t you think?

Cha: I have more fun renewing my personal record. Nowadays, I’m attending a marathon school that aims for a sub-three time.

Ha: I think running the marathon is a form of recreation away from work. I also like the friendship cultivated between club members.

Park: It feels exhilarating to focus for an hour or two solely for myself. I can release my anger and stress. Let’s really go for it at this marathon!

Sung-Kyu Kim kimsk@donga.com