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Unfavorable Views Of Judiciary Efforts

Posted February. 25, 2005 22:39,   


“There is misunderstanding and prejudice surrounding the essence of jurisdiction ingrained into the world of law.”

Former Chief Justice Byun Jae-seung, who finished six years of tenure and retired on February 25, had only bitter words at his retirement ceremony for the recent complaints surrounding the court results that were contested in political circles.

Former Chief Justice Byun, at his retirement ceremony that took place at 11:00 a.m. on the first floor of the Supreme Court building in Seochodong, Seochogu, Seoul, spoke on judicial reform, saying, “I feel that there are unfavorable views surrounding the judiciary branch’s efforts to separate jurisdiction and rule of law.”

He remarked that he “often ascertained a misunderstanding in those views, regarding the core of the justice system, which pursues justice and fairness, and distortion of facts and bias that make up the basis of those misunderstandings.”

Byun also added, “The proposition, separation of the justice system, in itself is not the purpose, but a principle that can ring true only when the jurisdiction function is properly executed with each and every judge possessing an iron-willed mentality and diligent work morals,” and emphasized the responsible role-playing of junior judges.

A senior judge analyzed Byun’s comments as “admonishment for the skeptical voices that were led and raised by the ruling party’s assemblymen over the recent court results on election law violations.”