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“Lawmaker Kim Hee-sun is under Another Controversy”

Posted February. 24, 2005 22:30,   


Can she avoid yet another fall?

It’s the question from the political arena as lawmaker Kim Hee-sun is again under the prosecution’s investigation after being involved in a series of incidents, from which she escaped each time.

This is the second prosecution investigation against Kim after she was questioned for an unaccounted 30 million won, with which a venture company performed an interior work of the district party chapter.

The prosecution indicted an accounting manager Lee for non-restraint at the time, but it freed Kim by saying that there is no evidence that Kim knew or was involved in false accounting.

However, the prosecution tracked Kim’s account during the investigation, and it is now said to be conducting an investigation, detecting a suspicion in which Kim received tens of millions of won from Song in the last 2002 local election.

At the time, another person who worked to run for the ward office mayor election made similar statements to a reporter of Dong-A Ilbo.

This person is said to have testified to Kim’s receipt of funds through the prosecution’s investigation.

However, Kim released data in which she elucidated that she borrowed 100 million won from Song and wrote an I.O.U (a bond of debt), due to the district party chapter’s poor financial statues, and that the money was the working funds of the district party chapter, and that she never received the money for other purposes or public nomination.

Prior to this incident, she was at the center of the controversy last July for her uncertain family line.

She introduced herself as a “granddaughter of the independence fighter, Kim Hak-kyu” on her homepage site, but General Kim (The Andong Kim clan) and her paternal grandfather, Kim Sung-bum, (Euisung Kim clan) had a different clan name, which caused a stir.

Kim claimed at the time that her great grandmother remarried the Andong Kim clan and the then young General Kim changed his clan name.

However, the “Monthly Chosun” reported that lawmaker Kim’s father, Kim Il-lyun, whom she maintained as an independence fighter, was really a policeman of the Manju, through General Kim’s daughter-in-law Jun Bong-ae’ s testimonial.

After this, Kim’s family exchanged heated words, holding a press conference in which they said it was erroneous, and the controversy over her family matters still continues.

Young-Chan Yoon yyc11@donga.com