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Electronics Companies Dominate Satellite DMB Models

Posted February. 15, 2005 22:34,   


More channel choices for people-

If satellite DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) and ground wave DMB services are provided, a user may choose TV channels with a portable handset and other terminals. It has been often the case that as family members watch TV together, either in a bedroom or in a living room, the choice of a TV channel had to be made according to everybody’s consent. However, as DMB service lets you watch TV using your own handset, there is less influence of other family members, giving more choices for you to choose channels.

Moreover, as DMB service lets you watch digital broadcasts on the move, there is no space or time limit in watching TV. Once DMB service is provided in full swing, you may carry a terminal, watching real-time TV shows or recorded ones even after the show time. Furthermore, as it is digital broadcasting, you may order a movie through your terminal or watch titles or lyrics of a music piece with subtitles or photos.

As such, many experts regard DMB service, which is a mobile personal television, as a new medium.

Significant power for industries-

DMB service is expected to have a significant influence on the communications and broadcasting industries.

First of all, various electronic communications or household devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, desktop, and laptop computers or automobiles are turning into new models to adjust to this service. In particular, mobile phone manufacturers are expected to produce models capable of providing this service with the opening up of the DMB era.

It is estimated that PDA auto navigation devices will have extra DMB receiving chips, and content providers for DMB services will experience a turning point. As Korea is superior in providing DMB service, the device market and other related services would be stimulated to advance to the foreign market.

However, some predict that whether or not this service will remain as a new industry is uncertain because of fierce competition between satellite and ground wave service providers, ground wave broadcasters’ constraint toward satellite DMB service providers, and securing pay-per-view subscribers.

Wi-Yong Jung viyonz@donga.com