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2006 CSAT to be Administered on November 23

Posted February. 15, 2005 22:38,   


The 2006 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) scheduled for November this year will be administered on the 23rd of the month, one week later than had previously been planned.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources announced on February 15 that the CSAT would be carried out on November 23, postponed from November 17, which was preliminary date set for the CSAT, considering the Busan Asia Pacific Economy Cooperation summit that is expected to be held on November 18 and 19.

Originally, the Education ministry confirmed the schedule of college admissions, including the date for the CSAT, and made an announcement of the plan in August of last year.

However, the APEC preparation committee asked to coordinate the date of the CSAT for the smooth running of the event as the 2006 APEC summit was delayed to November at the Chile APEC summit in November last year.

The Ministry said that it decided to readjust its wholesale plan of 2006 college admissions, such as the date for the distribution of score notification of the CSAT and the schedule of irregular and regular student recruits of universities, and that it is negotiating with colleges over these issues.

According to the adjusted plan, the lists of successful candidates will be announced on December 20 and 21, two days earlier from the previous year. Score notifications will be given to students on December 19, five days later than last year. Universities will accept student applications for 2006 regular selections during December 24 to 28, one day shorter than the period of last year.

Still, irregular selections of freshmen for the 2006 academic year during the first semester, which starts on July 13, will be on hold.

The Education Ministry is planning to delay 2006 irregular selections more than one month and to allow them before the summer vacation this year in an effort to avoid hampering the educational environment in high schools.

The ministry is expected to announce a changed “Basic Plan of 2006 College Admissions’ after affirming the schedule.

The Ministry at first suggested advancing the CSAT by one week, but it decided to postpone the date as high schools strongly opposed the plan, saying, “There will be a lot of problems in instructing students if the test is administered earlier than expected”

Choi Jae-hoon, director of the school admissions department at Hanyang University, said, “There will be no big frustration in college admissions this year although the CSAT has been delayed, since the period of regular selections is similar to that of last year.”

Seong-Chul Hong sungchul@donga.com