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[Editorial] The National Assembly Should Present Suprapartisan Countermeasures against North Korea

[Editorial] The National Assembly Should Present Suprapartisan Countermeasures against North Korea

Posted February. 14, 2005 22:39,   


The North’s declaration that it possesses nuclear weapons and that it will pull out of the six-party talks is a crucial issue that the country should respond to at a national level. The country is not in a position of trying to read the U.S.’ mind. It is literally a national misfortune if the country fails to come up with any countermeasures when the North’s nuclear problem emerged as a crucial variable to decide inter-Korean relations, North Korea-U.S. relations, and the future of the Korean Peninsula.

The North’s nuclear issue is an urgent issue for the National Assembly as well. As a pillar of conducting state affairs, it is natural that the National Assembly should present a solution. Many lawmakers were focusing on the nuclear issue in the interpellation session at the government yesterday. The ruling Uri Party and the government had a consultative conference. It is a signal that the National Assembly understands the urgency of the issue. However, it is not sufficient to have inconclusive questions and answers and consultation limited to a mere exchange of opinions.

The National Assembly should specifically show voters that it has the ability to settle national concerns. What can the public expect if the National Assembly fails to make a concerted effort against major challenges like the nuclear problem? The National Assembly taking the lead in solving this problem would be of help to prevent Pyongyang’s ill-advised choice, and to stop the U.S. in case it attempts to push forward a policy that runs against our will.

Parliament should grasp the situation from a broad perspective, including both the ruling and opposition camps. It should not take an immature approach by using the nuclear issue as an issue of political wrangling or by pursuing party interests out of the issue. It is not helpful for resolving the problem to fuel confusion by blaming other parties’ attitudes or demanding a particular minister’s resignation. Also, there should be no cowardly lawmaker who gives up his conviction swayed by party lines or relationship with the government.

The Grand National Party adopted a resolution under all its members’ names which urges the North to give up its nuclear weapons and requests the government to draw up emergency measures. The Japanese parliament also focused discussion over the North’s nuclear issue yesterday. At least, there should be a resolution at the National Assembly level. The National Assembly should present a solution by integrating public opinions when the government fails to make a decision while agonizing over an issue. It should not be split between parties and just raise voices. It should come up with a suprapartisan countermeasure against the North’s nuclear issue and put it forward before the public.