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“Opening Education Market by Allowing Foreign Schools and Other Measures”

“Opening Education Market by Allowing Foreign Schools and Other Measures”

Posted January. 28, 2005 22:45,   


New Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and the Education and Human Resources Minister Kim Jin-pyo announced plans to maintain the existing education policies and gradually expand the opening of the education market and university reform efforts on January 28.

Right after his inauguration ceremony, DPM Kim said, “The ministry will harmonize the efforts for education on humanism and creativity for elementary level education, and will find a harmonizing point in education on social equality and academic excellence,” and stressed, “The ministry will maintain its basic framework on the equalization system and reinforce the emphasis on academic excellence.”

He said, “The universities should carry out structural reforms at their own pace, boldly adjusting weak portions through structural readjustment and concentrating on sectors with competitiveness,” and explained, “When the schools demonstrate their efforts to reinforce their strong points on the basis of competition and self-regulation, the ministry will provide financial support, following the principle of selection and concentration.”

Regarding the opening of the education market, DPM Kim said, “The government has chosen to establish foreign schools in the special economic zone after discussions lasting four to five years, so the plan will be carried out step by step, and any other issues will be decided upon through necessary discussions,” and added, “When looking at the large flow of things, the market opening is necessary, and there is no point in being anxious.”

Meanwhile, the association of professors issued a statement, “The idea of pushing through educational policies with industrial logic for economic results will ruin both the education and the economy,” and asserted, “We need a new education minister with educational expertise, a mind for reform, and a creative vision.”

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