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Think Net to Launch in March

Posted January. 26, 2005 23:08,   


The New Right Think Net (tentative name), a think tank consisting of university professors and experts in various fields, was launched to present the theoretical basics of the “New right” movement and alternative policies.

The 30 members of Think Net include professors in their mid and late 40s such as Cho Sung-hwan (International Relations, Kyonggi Univ.), Cheong Jin-young (International Relations, Kyunghee Univ.), Je Sung-ho (law, Joongang Univ), Kim Jong-suk (Economics, Hongik), Ham In-hee (Sociology, Ewha Women’s Univ.), Kim Hak-sung (International Relations, Chungnam Natinoal Univ.), Kim Young-ho (Political Science, Sungshin Women’s Univ.), Kim Il-young (Politics, Sungkyunkwan Univ.), Jeon Sang-in (Sociology, Hallym Univ.), lawyers and medical doctors. The organization will have its first meeting at a restaurant in Jeong-dong, Seoul on January 27.

The official launch ceremony will be jointly held with an inaugural symposium on the theme of “Korea’s tradition of liberalism.” Professor Cho Sung-hwan, the representative of a group preparing for the launch, said, “There is a growing sense of crisis that the foundation of Korean society is being shaken. In order to overcome the situation, the new right movement, which started last year based on the principles of liberal democracy and market economy, should become more widespread. He added, “Think Net will offer specific plans and alternatives for national affairs such as the future Korea-US relationship, and North Korean policies and policy programs that go beyond the dichotomy between growth and distribution.”

The organization will establish specific divisions, which have seminars on a regular basis, and hold monthly forums on the important issues of the month at the organizational level. Besides, in an effort to enhance public awareness on the new right movement’s ideological background, it plans to hold special lectures in the form of dialogues between experts and citizens, and hold courses for civilians at Daehakro, Seoul.