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Wristwatch PC

Posted January. 11, 2005 21:51,   


A wristwatch PC product that combines an MP3 player and a search function is due to be out in January.

The Electronic and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) revealed on January 11 a newly developed “Wristwatch PC,” with excellent transportability and mobility, which will be out in stores within January 2005.

This PC will have buttons instead of a keyboard to work the MP3 player and a simple search function, among other diverse state-of-the-art built-in functions.

Its newest wristwatch PC consists of a plastic body and is larger and heavier than the average wristwatch.

However, the ETRI expects the PC to become upgraded several levels into a more lightweight and high-tech product through an “evolution.”

The ETRI is planning to add a camera and a mobile banking function as well as MP3 in the future. In that case, it explained, this PC will be able to compete with the high-tech cellular phones on the market.

For this reason, the ETRI is forging connections with marketing-savvy civilian businesses, and is actively pursuing early commercialization for this wristwatch PC.

Meanwhile, it also added that it is planning on launching a clothes-like “Wearable PC” prototype by year-end.

Wi-Yong Jung viyonz@donga.com