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North Korean Ship “Mangyoungbong” Abandons its Entry into a Japanese Port

North Korean Ship “Mangyoungbong” Abandons its Entry into a Japanese Port

Posted January. 07, 2005 22:49,   


Mangyeongbong, a North Korean passenger ship and streamer, has decided to abandon its entry to the port of Niigata Prefecture in Japan.

This is first time since 1992 that the North Korean Mangyeongbong, the means of comings and goings for North Korean residents in Japan, has completely suspended its services.

According to the Sankei Shimbun on January 7, due to the new entrance regulation laws that will be in effect beginning this March, Mangyeongbong will need ship owner responsibility insurance of high international credibility; however, it has not been able to finish this procedure.

The headquarters of Chochongryeon has said that this procedure of insurance application will be finished by April, and it seems that it will be possible for Mangyeongbong to enter after April.

Japan has not regulated the necessity of insurance for North Korean vessels in the past; however, since the Japanese kidnapping they have introduced the obligatory insurance clause, under the justifications of the ships being “outdated and dangerous,” as an actual method of restraint for North Korea.

Due to the Mangyeongbong’s abandonment of entrance, 150 North Korean residents in Japan, who entered North Korea to spend New Year’s Day, are planning to return by plane.

Hun-Joo Cho hanscho@donga.com