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Personnel in the Middle and Lower Ranks of the Civil Service to Expand by 561 Next Year

Personnel in the Middle and Lower Ranks of the Civil Service to Expand by 561 Next Year

Posted December. 28, 2004 22:42,   


Starting next year, the number of civil servants in mid- and lower-level positions will be increased by 561, including the posting of one administrative official (grade 5) in each central administrative agency for performing reform-related duties.

On December 28, the government held a Cabinet meeting presided over by Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan at the Central Government Complex on Sejong-ro, Seoul, and passed a bill on the reorganization of civil servant offices in the 48 government agencies, which includes the above plans for expansion.

When this bill goes into effect in 2005, the average number of civil servants devoted to innovation-related work will come to 3.5 per agency. Shortages in personnel will be filled independently by the respective agencies. In March, prior to the passing of this bill, the government had decided on a policy to establish innovation offices in every central government agency and to appoint an average of four civil servants in each office.

Following the plan to increase personnel in the lower and middle ranks of the civil service, the Prosecutor’s Office will expand by 160, including 148 positions to supplement the public prosecutors, the Ministry of Information & Communication will expand by 53 to accommodate the opening of post office branches in new towns and cities, the Ministry of Environment will expand by 43 as a result of the Gyeongin Regional Environmental Office’s restructuring of its Metropolitan Air Quality Management Bureau, and the Korea Independent Commission Against Corruption will expand by 24 to strengthen its general policies for the prevention of corruption.

Meanwhile, the government also passed on the same day a bill on consumer protection that allows eligible consumer and business interest groups to request the courts of justice to stop or prohibit illegal actions that seriously impinge on the rights of consumers.

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