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Talk, Talk, Talk of the Global Village in 2004

Posted December. 15, 2004 22:56,   


∇“Everlasting, sincere peace is only achieved through moral and legal acts, and it can not bear fruit with the use of force,” said the Vatican declaration on March 22 criticizing Israel on the assassination of Ahmed Yassin, the Palestinian leader of Hamas.

∇“Everyday, I wake up in the midst of great anxiety” = Condoleezza Rice, the U.S. national security advisor, April 8, after admitting that “after 9-11, U.S. preparation against terror attacks has become stronger, but that does not mean terror attacks are not going to happen,” during a 9-11 Investigation Committee Hearing held in Washington.

∇“Europe is old, but the European Union (EU) is young” = Ireland president Mary Mcaleese, May 1, responding to the admission of 10 new countries to the EU, including Poland and Hungary, saying that Europe can strengthen its political, economical, and military solidarity.

∇“One of the biggest reasons why I should be reelected is so that Laura can remain as the first lady for another four years.” = U.S. president George W. Bush, August 1, stating that First Lady Laura Bush was receiving more deference from people than Teresa Heinz, wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry, during Pittsburgh electioneering.

∇“The ‘W’ in George W. Bush refers to ‘Wrong’” = U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Kerry, September 7, attacking President Bush’s attack on Iraq after the news of U.S. military soldiers’ death toll reached over 1,000.

∇“The U.S. faced many unexpected wars, but there was no single war won because of prudence.” = U.S. vice president Cheney, August 12, attacking presidential candidate Kerry‘s comment of “If I become the President, I will lay out a war on terrorism with prudence.”

∇“The most respected leader is Mao Zedong to the Chinese people, but they are most thankful to Deng Xiaoping.” = Benjamin, a Chinese American historian and scholar, August 17, from the “Deng Xiaoping biography,” commemorating his 100th anniversary.

∇“The results of the current general election have sent wrong and dangerous messages to the terrorists.” = An editorial from the Wall Street Journal, March 17, responding to the victory of the Socialist party that advocated the withdrawal of troops from Iraq after the terror bomb attack in Madrid.

∇“As the bird flu virus has come upon across the human influenza virus and mutates, it could result to millions of deaths worldwide.” = Dr, Omi Shigeru, Regional Director of the Western Pacific Regional Office of the World Health Organization (WHO), January 27, as the bird flu spread in Thailand.

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