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An Examinee’s Parent Asked for a Proxy Test Taker

Posted December. 03, 2004 23:07,   


It has been found that a parent of a second-time examinee of this year’s College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT) asked a medical student to take the test for her son, offering a lump sum of money.

This is the first parent-related cheating in the recent police investigation of CSAT falsification.

Furthermore, a withdrawn university student, who was caught last year for asking somebody else to take the exam for him, again asked for a substitute examinee this year through a similar method as the year before.

Yesterday, the Busan Metropolitan Police Agency (BMPA) placed medical student Kim (22 years old), who took the exam as a proxy to second-time examinee Park (21 years old, Busan), and Park’s mother, Son (48 years old), who asked Kim to be a proxy, in custody for interruption of public affairs.

According to the BMPA, Son offered to hand Kim five to six million won depending on the CSAT score and personally stuck Kim’s photo on the application form and gave Kim her son’s ID card with Kim’s photo on it.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cyber Crime also placed a withdrawn university student Cha (23 years old) in custody for asking for a proxy exam from Seoul National University Department of Engineering dropout Park (28 years old), who received 1.2 million won from Cha to take the exam for him.

Cha is believed to be on probation for asking his medical student friend to take the exam, only to be caught by a supervisor last year.

Han (21 years old), who was wanted by the police for asking a medical student Ki (21 years old) to take the exam as a proxy, confessed to Ulsan Metropolitan Police Agency. This makes proxy exam cheating figures total six cases and 13 people; two of whom have been arrested and nine in custody.

Chungbuk Dongbu Police Station, which is investigating cheating cases of academy owners, has asked for a seize-and-search warrant of SMS sites and the three telecom companies where the owner Bae, answer provider Lee, and 10 answer receivers are members.

On top of this, SMPA has received messages containing “?+numbers” from the three telecom companies and are going over the list.

The police plans to investigate some cases that were disregarded earlier and thus, the number of exposed cheaters is expected to rise.