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Ulsan Rejects the Request of MOGAHA

Posted November. 25, 2004 22:46,   


On November 25, the Ulsan city government rejected a request of the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (MOGAHA) to charge Lee Gap-yong, the leader of the Dong district (Dong-gu), with dereliction of his duties related to the strike of public service workers.

Through a press release released on November 25 by a public information officer, Park Maeng-woo, the mayor of Ulsan, said, “Although the position of the central government is understandable, I find it inappropriate as the mayor of a city to prosecute a leader of an affiliated district.”

An official of the city said, “Among the five district leaders of Ulsan, two of them belong to the Democratic Labor Party. For smooth operation of city government, it is very difficult for the mayor to prosecute a district leader who belongs to the Democratic Labor Party.”

The MOGAHA said, “No official response was heard from the Ulsan city government yet. Plans will be made after waiting for a response from the city government until November 30.”

Lee Gap-yong, the leader of Dong district, had previously said, “The central government treating the strike of the public service workers as a crime is a suppressive measure which exceeds the boundary of the current law.” Lee had also participated in the mass meeting of laborers in Gwanghwamun, Seoul on November 14.

Jae-Rak Jeong raks@donga.com