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“North Korea Should Participate in the Talks More Sincerely”

“North Korea Should Participate in the Talks More Sincerely”

Posted November. 23, 2004 23:09,   


Concerning the North Korea nuclear issue, President Roh made clear yesterday morning (Korean time), “Talks will advance earnestly from now on. I wish Pyongyang will have more confidence and participate in the talks sincerely.”

At the gathering with Korean compatriots held at the Kahala Mandarin Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii yesterday morning, President Roh said as above, and added, “If the North renounces its nuclear programs, the international community will embrace it and the security guarantee will certainly be implemented. President George W. Bush clearly mentioned it in our conversation.”

President Roh forecasted, “I presume (North Korea and the U.S.) are having a war of nerves with each other regarding the sequence and procedures. The game to secure more will continue during the negotiation process. As long as both sides have the intention to avoid being stifled, gain more, and give less, there will be some meandering, but the issue will be settled well.”

Concerning the Los Angeles remark that “there is a logical aspect to Pyongyang’s claim,” President Roh explained the background, saying, “There was a need to convey the Korean people’s perception because there was a tendency within the Korean government to believe that the U.S. government was inclined to aggressiveness and because endless amount of writings analyzing that the frame of the six-party talks will break up and aggressive and antagonistic policy will be prepared soon were produced even within the United States.”

He stated, “There were some people, in some ways, who were worried (about the remark), but fortunately, it seems that the U.S. government had no misunderstandings.”

With the gathering with compatriots in Hawaii capping his 11 nights, 12 days tour schedule of three South American countries and the 12th APEC summit, President Roh returned to Korea on a special flight last night.

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