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Seven Schools and 230 to 240 Students Participated in CSAT Cheating

Seven Schools and 230 to 240 Students Participated in CSAT Cheating

Posted November. 23, 2004 23:15,   


There are arguments that the number of students who involved in the cheating of CSAT (College Scholastic Aptitude Test) in Gwangju is much higher than the number discovered by police.

On top of this, the disclosure of a proxy examinee in Gwangju and the exposure of cell phone carriers in Changwon and Inchon add fuel to the fire of accusations of cheating on the exam.

A (18 years old), an exam taker from Gwangju, said yesterday, “The number of schools and confederates in this case is not six schools and 141 confederates as announced by the police; at least seven schools and 200 students took part.”

Another examinee, B, in his interview with another newspaper, said, “There are 230 to 240 students who participated, and 100 normal examinees who received answers from clever ones known as ‘the pros.’”

B also added that there are about 20 students, not seven, who took part in the cheating and that they received the answers last year in the same way as this year.

Jeonnam Provincial Police Agency announced yesterday, “It is not true that some investigation-related people talked about ending the case.” He added, “We will continue until any suspicion of passing on the answers and parental intervention is satisfied.”

It is known that the police have instigated their Cyber Crime Investigation unit to find out the IP of the netizen, Nuriqoon, who argued about passing on the answers on internet sites of each police agency.


The police, after the Gwangju Office of Education’s complaint that “a second time examinee, J, from S Girls’ High School, Gwangju, asked a law school student of a women’s college, K (23 years old), to take the test for her,” started an investigation of the matter.

Furthermore, after the police arrested six leaders of the cheating case on November 22, they have requested an arrest warrant for six more students including Y (18 years old) from C high school for the same accusation.

It seems as though arresting will end with 12 students as a police officer said, “We will pick out the most guilty, and if there are no disclosures of special criminal sins, no more request for warrants will be made.”

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources said that Kim from Incheon and Choi from Changwon were given 0 points because their cell phones rang in the exam room.

Kwon Kim goqud@donga.com