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Uri Party Chairman Lee Opposes Mass Punishment against KGEU

Uri Party Chairman Lee Opposes Mass Punishment against KGEU

Posted November. 22, 2004 23:00,   


“Even though the Korean Government Employees Union (KGEU) has neglected its duty as a public servant, the Uri party does not believe that large disciplinary measures and mass restrictions are helpful at all,” said Uri Party Chairman Lee Bu-young.

On the other hand, government authorities that have ensured disciplinary punishment for strike leaders are now strongly opposing the ruling party’s decision, arguing that the ruling party is undermining the discipline of public offices.

“Exposing those who led strikes is important, but those who voluntarily appear and cooperate with the investigation should be extenuated, even though they had failed to report to work. It is necessary to adjust the sternness of punishments according to the degree of involvement,“ said the chairman of the standing committee held in the National Assembly.

However, Han Duk-soo, the head of the Office for Government Policy Coordination held a press conference on the same day and said that the strike was an illegal and unjustifiable group action. “The government policy is stern punishment for all participants, and as far as I know, the Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs already started necessary procedures for that,” said the head. “No discussions to relieve punishment on strikers have been made. If the policy must be changed only because the strike is over, what kind of authority will the government have?” an insider from the office of the prime minister commented.

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