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Kim Seung-hyun is the Best PG

Posted November. 22, 2004 23:07,   


“Defeated…and saved yet again by my PG!”

TG Sambo Coach Jeon Chang-jin revealed his most excruciating moments, November 21, after Sambo’s victory over the Orions in escaping from three consecutive defeats. He watched reruns of the Sambo games from dawn to morning in order to pinpoint the problems of PG (Point Guard) Shin Gi-seong.

Perhaps it was due to his personalized prescriptions, as Shin Gi-seong yielded a record of 21 points, 10 assists, and six rebounds, nearly a triple-double, in the day’s Orion game.

The PG plays an important role in the game, as he has to provide chances to score points as well as pace the overall flow of the game, acting as a commander of the court.

The Korean Pro Basketball Association has followed the lead of the NBA in assessing the quality of its players as PGs or team players based on the ATR (assist per turnover ratio).

Four to six points are lost when the point guard commits a turnover. An unattempted shot amounts to a loss of 2~3 points, as it allows a near free shoot when defense is weak.

As of the top five ATR as of November 22, ATR (refer to graph), Kim Seung-hyun (Orions), holds the only three-digit (102) record in assists in 11 games, with 24 turnovers, and ranks first in ATR (4.25). It’s comparable to that of Earl Boykins (Denver 4.70) in the NBA, currently first in ATR.

Joo Hee-jung of Samsung ranked third in assists but second in ATR, while Shin Gi-sung ranked fourth in assists and third in ATR.

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