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Jobs Can Increase only by Providing Investment Confidence to Enterprises

Jobs Can Increase only by Providing Investment Confidence to Enterprises

Posted November. 10, 2004 23:19,   


Chairman Kang Shin-ho of the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) made it clear yesterday, “The best solution to job creation is (for the government) to provide confidence for companies to invest freely.”

Through his address speech before the “Joint Conference of the Special Committee for Job Creation and the Committee for Labor and Management” held at the Hall of the FKI in Yeouido, Seoul yesterday, Chairman Kang stressed as above, “The era in which the government appealed to patriotism to nurture domestic industries is over.”

He added, “Despite external growth, growth without job creation is continuing in our economy. Job creation is the foremost obligation of companies in contributing to society.”

In addition, Kang said, “Due to the prolonged depression of the service industry, which has a large job creation effect, caused by the recent extreme contraction in consumption, the prospect for escaping depression and unemployment is becoming darker.”

Chairman Kang pointed out that active investment by companies should precede before essentially overcoming such a situation, and it is urgent to arrange a climate for this.

He stressed, “In our country’s recruitment and investment atmosphere, there are many stumbling blocks such as high wage structure and various systems that make corporate investments difficult. I will do my best, for example, and actively express opinions in the legislation process of the National Assembly in order to solve these problems.”

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