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Interviews with Alexander’s Main Actors

Posted November. 08, 2004 23:08,   


Alexander, played by Colin Farrell-

“I did 90 percent of the action scenes myself. Why? Because it’s lot of fun.”

Collin Farrell (27) showed up with a wine glass. He looked flushed from drinking. Three of his shirt buttons were open and a bunch of military identification tag inspired necklaces were dangling on his chest.

Donga: Did you like Alexander, the hero of the movie?

“Alexander? He was complete irony as a human being. He was the most ideal man as a leader and a conqueror, but I doubt he would have been satisfied with his own life.”

Donga: Didn’t the weight of the armor bother you while you were shooting the numerous battle scenes?

“It was hard. We traveled as much as Alexander’s expedition on foot. But I was told that prop armor is much lighter than the actual armor of the past. I am very grateful for technological advances.”

Farrell started to get recognized by moviegoers in “Minority Report” as Detective Danny Witwer. In 2003’s “Phone Booth” directed by Joel Schumacher, he played the hero, Shepard, who was threatened by a sniper in a phone booth, and has positioned himself as one of the major Hollywood stars.

Olympias, played by Angelina Jolie-

Angelina Jolie (29), who played Alexander’s mother, Olympias, looked calm and gentler than imagined. Wearing a slightly see-though black T-shirt and skin-tight jeans, she looked more mature than energetic, unlike images of her previous movies such as Tomb Raider.

“I guess in ancient Greek society, a woman won ‘passage’ by giving a birth to a child. If a female who experienced power suffered from a tumultuous relationship with a husband, she would probably become abnormally obsessed with her son like Olympias.”

In the movie, Olympias is always accompanied by snakes. This visual description of her is based on historic references but it also symbolized Olympias’ cruelty and calmness.

Jolie spoke of the snakes, “Of course, I was scared. I repeatedly asked the snake keeper, ‘please feed the snakes well.’ Once, the snake keeper poured a whole container full of snakes onto my head, saying I should get used to them. Now, I understand them, though I don’t love them.” (laugh.)

Jolie divorced director-actor Billy Bob Thornton last year and is currently raising an adopted son, Maddox, from Cambodia.

About Alexander the Movie-

In the Fourth Century B.C. when many political powers were competing over the Mediterranean and the Orient, a son was born to the Macedonian king, Philip. The queen, Olympias, who had been in conflict with her husband Philip, became obsessed over her son Alexander and persuaded him to “pursue achievements and honors rather than to live a peaceful life.” Alexander succeeded to the throne due to the sudden murder of his father. He then went on to realize his ambition and idea of conquest …

The movie’s production cost $240,000,000 and 10,430 soldier extras were used for the filming. This movie also reproduced a fortress located 3,000 meters above sea level. The whole production took three years to complete. The supporting roles also were played by Hollywood A-list actors; Val Kilmer as Philip, Anthony Hopkins as Ptolemy who is a friend and a teacher for Alexander.

Oliver Stone, who has directed socially conscious films like “JFK” and “Born on the Fourth of July” directed this film. It will be released in December in Korea.

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