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LG Oil Labor Union Withdraws from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

LG Oil Labor Union Withdraws from the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions

Posted October. 29, 2004 23:13,   


On October 29, the labor union of LG-Caltex Oil (LG Oil) decided to withdraw from its high ranking organization, the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU).

On this morning, in the conference room of the factory situated in Jeonnam, Yeosu, with 34 of 42 representatives present, a special representative meeting was held and it was decided to withdraw from the KCTU with a vote of 31 in favor, two not in favor, and one blank ballot.

The labor union of LG Oil is planning to submit its withdrawal to the KCTU in a day or two and decide on its course of action hereafter.

As the KTCU dismissed the labor union of Hyundai Heavy Industries on grounds of its “anti-laborer-like actions” on September 15, the withdrawal of LG Oil will act as an important variable in labor circles in the future.

Also, it is anticipated that this event will have a considerable effect on the other 18 large establishments situated within the Yeosu national industrial area that are also members of the KCTU.

In July, the labor union of LG Oil held an 18-day strike for the first time in the national oil industry history, and experienced aftermath of the strike, such as the arrest of eight executive members, including the chairman of the labor union, while 650 members of the union have been brought up to the disciplinary committee.

It has been reported that recently, as the salaries of 29 union members and 2.6 billion won have been seized provisionally prior to the corporation`s lawsuit for the compensation of the factory`s suspension from operation during the strike, many union members have come to doubt the tough actions of the KTCU, who lead the strike, and as a result, the labor union decided to withdraw from the KCTU.

A related person of the labor union of LG Oil said, "Whether we will join the Federation of Korean Trade Unions or remain as an individual union without a superior organization is to be decided after consulting over the intentions of the union members."

However, on October 29, 500 members of the KTCU`s Gwangju-Jeonnam area headquarters held a demonstration in front of the main entrance of LG Oil`s Yeosu factory and announced, "As LG Oil instigated some representatives to withdraw from its superior organization, the KTCU will boycott LG Oil."

Seung-Ho Jung shjung@donga.com