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[Opinion] Votergasm

Posted October. 22, 2004 23:23,   


"If we sit indoors prettily dressed in our best transparent silks and prettiest gewgaws, and all nicely depilated, they will be able to deny us nothing." This is a passage from the ancient Greek comedy writer Aristophanes’ play “Lysistrata.” The historical background of this piece is the Peloponnesian War which occurred from 431∼404 B.C. between Athens and Sparta. The plot involves the women of Athens staging a “sex strike,” led by the beautiful and intelligent wife Lysistrata, forcing the men to finally end the war.

The world’s first anti-war play “Lysistrata” stirred great controversy in March of last year on the eve of the Iraqi War. With “Theaters against War” leading the way, the script of “Lysistrata” was recited on nearly every stage of the world. One Danish actress remarked, "Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Bush should stay out of their husbands` beds until they call their dogs off." In the end, however, the “No Peace, No Sex” proclamation sizzled into silence. Perhaps it was the “uncooperativeness” of the famous first ladies?

Now it is in the American presidential election where the “sex refusal threat” has popped up again. “Votergasm,” a word blended from “voter” and “orgasm,” is an internet site. The registered members of this website are campaigners who have sworn to refuse sexual intercourse with non-voters until the next election in 2008. Site spokesperson claimed, “Voting and sex are two ways to participate in becoming American.” There are truly many ways to raise the voter turnout for youngsters.

A sly thought comes to mind. What if all the wives of our president, government officials, National Assemblymen, labor and education people, plus all the other social groups were to go on “strike”? Demanding to immediately cease all unproductive and dichotomizing political strife, that is. A little luck and our country just might be able to exterminate all the disputing factors lying under the rug, don’t you think?

Song Moon-hong, Editorial writer, songmh@donga.com