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Professor Hwang Woo-suk “Resumes Human Embryo Stem Cell Research”

Professor Hwang Woo-suk “Resumes Human Embryo Stem Cell Research”

Posted October. 20, 2004 22:46,   


Professor Hwang Woo-suk’s research team at Seoul National University decided to resume its research on human embryo stem cells after eight months of rest.

Professor Hwang stated yesterday that he will restart his research to treat intractable diseases through extracting and using stem cells from cloned human embryos.

Professor Hwang and professor Moon Shin-yong of Seoul National University and Roh Sung-il, the chief director of Mizmedi Hospital, are currently participating in the annual symposium of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine held in Philadelphia, U.S. Professor Hwang’s team will be announcing the aforementioned content during the invitational lecture.

After Professor Hwang’s team successfully extracted stem cells from a cloned human embryo in February for the first time in the world, they reviewed whether to resume the research and when to do so after hearing social, ethical, and scientific comments on the research.

Professor Hwang explained, “As the last research outcome was one attained using the cell and ovum of the same woman, the application possibility for male patients, young women, and women post-menopause was not confirmed. In particular, the possibility for practical use can only be open by developing cloning and cultivating technology using cells from male patients.”

Meanwhile, it was reported that the resumption of professor Hwang’s research does not matter as “The Law on Ethics and Safety for Life” comes into effect only after January 1 of next year.