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Farewell to TV As We Know It

Posted October. 10, 2004 23:28,   


Using the Internet on TV-

Diboss, a company specializing in LCD TVs, has released “IMTV,” a device that by use of a remote control, enables the use of both the internet and TV. We can use the internet on a TV screen, just like a computer. The computer and the TV are not connected by a home-network system, but by a high-speed network line that is used on the PC.

Also, with a built-in USB port, a digital camera can be connected to a big TV screen, enabling the whole family to watch an electronic album together.

The TV can store up to 13,000 digital pictures, and a photo-editing program is also included. People can enjoy games such as Tetris or baseball while watching TV. The device will go into mass production later this month and the price of a unit will be around nine million won.

TV and PC As One-

Erae Electronics, a company specializing in display products, has developed a multimedia plasma display panel (PDP) TV that combines a TV and a computer, and showcased it at the “2004 Korea Electronics Show.”

It can use functions of existing computers such as Microsoft Office, games and MP3 files, all on a TV. A keyboard, mouse, or any other computer gadget can be connected to the TV, so it can have all the functions of a computer without a main unit. It is almost like purchasing a computer with a TV.

Also, the memory cards of a digital camera, camcorder, MP3 player and other appliances can be connected to the TV and make use of digital TV’s high quality image and sound.

The price is expected to be around 4.7 million won (for a 42-inch standard model).

Jung Mun-shik, president of Erae Electronics, said, “Multimedia TV is the full-fledged fusion of IT and electronics,” and added, “We will continue to develop unique products by grafting high-value functions, instead of simply competing for image quality.”

Samsung and LG Developments-

LG Electronics has released a LCD TV that has a built-in HDR (Hard Disk Recorder) that can record and play digital broadcasts.

So far, a set-top box had to be purchased individually and connected to the TV in order to receive digital broadcasts.

Under this method, however, heat occurs during the connection process, causing screen distortion.

LG Electronics has solved this problem by planting the set-top box inside the TV.

The price is around seven million won, about 500 thousand to 1 million won cheaper than buying both a set-top box and a TV separately.

Samsung Electronics has released an “All-purpose Worldwide Monitor,” a computer monitor that can be used as a TV screen. One of its features is the ability to show broadcasts from around 200 nations worldwide, regardless of radio systems that differ from country to country. The price will be around one million to 1.4 million won.

Do-Young Kim nirvana1@donga.com