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Iran Develops 2000 km Range Missile

Posted October. 08, 2004 22:59,   


Iran clearly expressed its intention to hold on to its nuclear technology.

Following the passing of an initiative that forces the continuation of uranium enrichment by the Iranian Congressional Committee on National Security and Diplomatic Policy on October 5, the former Iranian president, Hashemi Rafsanjani, publicly encouraged further development of its nuclear technology on October 7.

Former President Rafsanjani was quoted by the official Iranian news agency IRNA to have said, “We are determined to keep nuclear technology at any cost, though the United States and Europe do not want the technology in our possession.”

He added that “giving up this legitimate right (to develop nuclear technology) would bring a historical shame that our leadership would never be able to erase.”

Along with this, Iran is heading onward with its missile programs.

The United Press International (UPI) reported on October 7 that Iran has upgraded its “Shahab-3 missile to enhance its range from 1,250 km to 2,000 km,” quoting the vice president of the Iranian aerospace organization, Nasser Malleki.

This report on missile upgrade from the Iranian leadership came shortly after the recent indication of the possibility of a pre-emptive strike on Iran by Israel. The firing range of 2,000 km puts Israel within target range.

Hyung-June Park lovesong@donga.com