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Minister Chung Hints at Pushing Inter-Korea Talks

Posted October. 04, 2004 22:02,   


Unification Minister Chung Dong-young hinted yesterday that the government can push for a special envoy to North Korea and an inter-Korea summit to break the deadlock on the Korean Peninsula issue and discuss a resolution for the North Korea nuclear issue.

When asked by ruling Uri Party Representative Lim Jong-seok about Minister Chung`s intention to promote the dispatch of a special envoy to North Korea and to hold a summit talks during the National Assembly’s inspection chaired by the Unification, Foreign Affairs, and Trade Committee, held in the ministry’s grand conference room in the central government complex on this day, Minister Chung replied, “We will push for these goals in the right time and with the right methods, employing all means possible, including the strategic suggestions made by Rep. Lim.”

After Rep. Lim pointed out the necessity of sending the special envoy, saying, “Although there was some political vacuum during the 20 months from the fourth ministerial conference in 2000 to the fifth, the special envoy to North Korea made a breakthrough for the reopening of the talks,” he asked if the government was ready to push summit talks with North Korea.

“I absolutely agree with Rep. Lim, and the prolonging of tight political situation is not good for both Koreas. The principle that the inter-Korean talks should resume as soon as possible is firm,” answered Minister Chung.

When GNP Representative Park Sung-bum asked during the additional Q&A session in the afternoon if the government is “currently pushing ahead with the inter-Korean summit,” Minister Chung denied, “At the current stage, the environment and conditions are not ready to push for a summit, and we have no specific moves for its preparation.”