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Prime Minister Lee Said, “No Tolerance for Illegality”

Prime Minister Lee Said, “No Tolerance for Illegality”

Posted August. 23, 2004 21:59,   


Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan on August 23 warned the National Public Servants’ Union on its move to staging a strike, saying, “Any illegal activities will not be tolerated.”

At a prime minister’s office meeting on Monday morning, the premier assured, “Public servant jobs assures of the employees’ positions and their age limits in the jobs, which are one of the most important factors required in working condition.” “If any illegal activities are found, we will thoroughly and clearly collect evidence and provide adequate measures following the law,” said Lee Gang-jin, a senior press secretary to the prime minister.

Since the National Public Servants’ Union revealed its plan on its internet site to raise a 10 billion won fund which will be used for possible strike, Lee has argued, “I think that the union announced it was going to act against the law.” He ordered, “The relevant authorities should be prepared to stop the servant union from conducting any unlawful acts in advance.”

On the public servant’s way of dealing with business, he added, “We need to have an intention to come up with rapid measures to deal with our business and strengthen the system that will help solve the conflicts between consumers, the government, and those among the government authorities as rapidly and reasonably as possible.”

Yong-Gwan Jung yongari@donga.com