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NEC Completes Inspection of 17th General Election

Posted August. 16, 2004 21:46,   


The National Election Commission (NEC) decided on Monday to either file a complaint with the prosecution or request a criminal investigation against four lawmakers and election officials for reporting falsely reduced election expenses and political funds in the 17th general election.

On the same day, the NEC held a general meeting to complete its inspection on election expenses, political funds, and treasury subsidy incomes and expenses that it had started since the end of May.

The NEC decided to request criminal investigations into Kim Dong-chul (Gwangsan, Gwangju) of the Uri Party and Hong Moon-pyo (Hongsung-Yeisan) of the Grand General Party for their illegal donations.

In addition, the NEC decided to charge an accountant who worked for Kim Maeng-gon (Kimhae Gap) of the Uri Party, for providing pay to volunteers. It also decided to indict an accountant of the supporters’ group for Lee Ho-woong (Nam-dong Eul, Incheon) of the Uri Party on a charge related to political funds.

According to the current election and political fund law, the election becomes invalid if an incumbent lawmaker is sentenced for jail or fined one million won or more. The election also becomes invalid if a secretary general or accountant of an incumbent lawmaker spent 0.5 percent or more of election funds exceeding the amount allowed, or is sentenced to jail or fined three million won or more on charges of falsely reporting election expenses.

The election also becomes invalid if a secretary general, accountant, spouse, or direct family member of an incumbent lawmaker is sentenced to jail or fined three million won or more for giving or receiving illegal donations.

The prosecution has to decide whether to prosecute them or not by October 15 (the prosecution prescription is six months). If the prosecution does not indict them, the NEC can file an adjudication request to the court.

Min-Hyuk Park mhpark@donga.com