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About 100 North Korean Defectors Deported to China from Southeast Asia

About 100 North Korean Defectors Deported to China from Southeast Asia

Posted August. 10, 2004 21:50,   


Due to a heightened security crackdown on North Korean defectors in Southeast Asian countries, where 468 defectors had stayed before entering Korea last month, a source claimed that about 100 North Korean defectors have been deported to China over the last 10 days.

Chun Ki-won, head of Duri Hana Missionary Services, a support organization for North Korean defectors, said in a telephone conversation with the Dong-A Ilbo, “With the news of 468 North Korean defectors arriving Korea becoming known to other defectors, they are migrating to a Southeast Asian country on a large scale,” and added, “However, this country is deporting the defectors as soon as they are discovered.”

Chun said, “About 100 North Korean defectors are being housed at an internment camp near the border after being deported to China,” adding, “If the situation does not improve, they can all be handed over to North Korea, so it is imperative that the Korean government be quick in working on a countermeasure.”

A government official responded to this comment, saying, “It is true that this Southeast Asian country has expressed a high level of discontent with the way the Korean media has covered the transportation process of the 468 North Korean defectors, and they are doing the crackdown on the defectors,” and added, “However, there is no known precise number of North Korean defectors who have been deported.”

“All defectors who desire to come to Korea will be accepted, and sending them back to North Korea is inadmissible if they do not desire it. That’s what the government policy says,” said the official. “We will work on proactive negotiations with Southeast Asian countries and China.”

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