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Do You Mean You are Going to Give up Seoul if a War Breaks out?

Do You Mean You are Going to Give up Seoul if a War Breaks out?

Posted August. 06, 2004 22:20,   


Seoul City produced a statement on August 6 regarding a speech made by the chairman of the Committee on Administrative Capital Relocation, Kim An-je, who recently illustrated the need for the relocation by suggesting an example from a war situation.

Seoul City criticized Kim’s comment heavily, “The government seems to be implying the possibility of abandoning the Seoul metropolitan area in case of a war, only to justify the capital relocation.”

Seoul City made a statement on that day titled, “Doesn`t the relocation of the capital eventually mean giving up the security of Seoul?” The statement pointed out, “The claim that the relocation is needed in a case of a war between South and North Korea leaves overseas and Korean investors worried.”

It also said, “The government should provide a hope and a vision for the future to its own people, instead of presenting them with a feeling of crisis or anxiety,” and demanded a responsible answer from Chairman Kim.

Kim caused a stir with his comment during a special lecture in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade on August 4. He said, “If a war breaks out and a cease fire occurs later around at Pyeongtaek, 50 percent of the entire population and 70 percent of the national resources will be lost.”

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