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[Editorial] A New Voice From the Ruling Uri Party

Posted August. 04, 2004 22:19,   


A voice of self criticism over whether the Uri Party is doing its duty as the ruling party is rising. “Too much talk, too little action” is the self-criticism. Although it came late, it is still encouraging. However, what is more important is whether this new voice will translate into a new dynamic aspect of the ruling party.

A ruling party must wrestle with a national agenda agreed upon by the public. Waging a debate over national identity with the opposition party or turning the country into a huge debate society by picking on things of the past is not the most urgent task for the ruling party. “Identity” can be proved in deed and practice. Controversy emerges when there is disunity between word and deed.

Once it promised to put all efforts into turning around the public livelihood and the economy, it should make good on the promise. How would the public judge when the Uri Party leader reversed his decision against responding to the opposition’s attack on political identity in less than one day? We cannot but believe that the ruling party’s sole interest was in humiliating the opposition party by taking issue with its identity and past records.

Multi-term legislators of the ruling party should act more proactively. With their experience and expertise, they should turn their party into a pragmatist organization. They must not sit by just because freshman lawmakers outnumber or could overpower them. They should filter diverse opinions and turn them into party positions. Once a party line is established, they should play a central role in getting the party united in body and spirit and throw all its weight behind it. Isn’t it because the stalwarts have not been playing their own role that a so-called democratic party could engineer a kangaroo court-like scandalous attack on the aides of pro-impeachment lawmakers?

The ruling party’s policy board is reportedly making a comprehensive policy road map for the next year. We hope it uses all its knowledge and information in setting its policy priorities so the public will follow it with confidence. A good ruling party must help the public’s life improve, even a bit.