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North Korea Continues to Criticize for Two Consecutive Days

North Korea Continues to Criticize for Two Consecutive Days

Posted July. 30, 2004 21:50,   


North Korea once again criticized the mass defection of 468 North Koreans to South Korea.

Chosun Human Right Research Center in North Korea produced a statement. The spokesperson warned, “Manipulated by the U.S, the South Korean ruling power is making the North Korean defection a political and international issue by mentioning non-existing North Korean human rights issues,” adding, “The kidnappers will not be able to avoid the punishment [for 468 North Koreans’ escape]. The South Korean government should be fully responsible for the serious result caused by this brutality of luring and kidnapping people.”

The statement pointed out that the Uri Party is preparing a revision for the North Korean settlement system along with the South Korean government’s admission of North Koreans into the country. “Their action is a complete challenge to the June 15 joint declaration, a denial of our system, and a terrible and unforgivable crime against our race, which will eventually lead the relationship between South and North Korea into a situation worse than anything one can expect.”

The statement claimed, “The South Korean government’s cooperation with the U.S and the extreme right wings who are against the republic (North Korea) is also an anti - [Korean] race, anti -humanism sin that is equally as terrible as kidnapping the people and producing many separated families between South and North Korea.”

Seung-Ryun Kim srkim@donga.com