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What? Kang Geum-sil Too?

Posted July. 28, 2004 21:50,   


President Roh Moo-hyun announced on July 28 that Kim Sung-gyoo (60 years old, 12th Judicial Exam or Korean Bar Exam), former head of the Busan High Public Prosecutors Office, will become the new minister of Justice, replacing former Minister Kang Geum-sil, and that Yoon Gwang-oong (62 years old, 20th Naval Academy), currently the president’s National Security Advisor, will become the new minister of Defense replacing former Minister Cho Young-gil, who has expressed his intention to resign. President Roh has also accepted a letter of resignation from Cabinet ministerial level official Hwang Doo-Hyun, who was head of Trade and Commerce at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and will replace him with Kim Hyun-jong (45 years old, U.S., New York state, lawyer), a member of the mediation committee of the Ministry of Trade and Commerce.

Among the 18 ministers who were appointed after the initiation of the current government, only three have been successful in retaining their status. They are Minister of Information and Communication Jin Dae-je, Minister of Gender Equality Jee Eun-hee, and former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Heo Sung-gwan, who is currently the minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs.

Chief Presidential Personnel Management Secretary Jung Chan-yong said in today’s briefing that “former Minister Kang Geum-sil’s intention to resign and the fact that she had tried her best to improve relations between the ministry and the prosecutors were considered for her replacement.” He also mentioned that “the newly appointed Minster Kim is already recognized as an experienced prosecutor and will do well to stabilize the current system.” Chief Secretary Jung also said that the newly appointed Minister Yoon was not only part of the navy, but also had valuable experience by being part of the president‘s National Security Council for six months. During this period, the newly appointed Minister Yoon had formulated a deep consensus with the president on how to reform national security and bring about changes in the military.

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