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Supreme Court: MBC Should Be Cautious In Broadcasting Case of Song Doo-yool

Supreme Court: MBC Should Be Cautious In Broadcasting Case of Song Doo-yool

Posted July. 11, 2004 22:25,   


Regarding decision of “PD Note,” a MBC program dealing with current issues, about broadcasting “Song Doo-yool and the National Security Law (temporary title)” on July 13, ahead of the trial on the appeal case of Song Doo-yool, the Supreme Court asked for a cautious attitude in an official document on July 9.

Because it is unusual that the Supreme Court notified a broadcasting station through an official document regarding a TV program, debate around the broadcast of this program is expected.

In the official document, which amounts to one sheet of paper, the Supreme Court asked MBC to take a prudent attitude in broadcasting and making the TV program, citing the Broadcasting Act and Regulations (Article 11) saying, “In dealing with a case on trial, broadcasting stations cannot broadcast contents that might influence the result of the trial.”

Sohn Ji-ho, a publicist of the Supreme Court, announced on July 11 that “we notified in an official document because we decided that it might influence the trial on July 21 in case this program is broadcast as scheduled.”

Considering the case, MBC management is adhering to its position to broadcast this program as arranged because of the objection of a labor union and the production team, although it instructed a stop in the production of “PD Note” on July 7.

Regarding a response in the future to the Supreme Court, Sohn suggested additional responses, saying, “It will be a matter of program contents.”