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Kim Jong-il is a Bragging Golf Emperor

Posted July. 05, 2004 22:28,   


“Tee off with Dear Braggart.”

The New York Times put an article out on July 4 that scathingly satires the golf skill of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, with the news that Pyunghwa Motors, the South-North joint enterprise, is planning on holding a pro-am golf tournament.

The newspaper made cynical remarks that unlike South Korea, a powerful state in golf that has produced many excellent players that play in LPGA in the U.S., such as Se-ri Pak, Grace Park, and Aree Song, North Korea doesn’t have any particular things to represent their golf history, but they probably have the most outstanding golfer in the world.

The New York Times said, “The very best player of the world is no one but North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il.” and added cutting remarks, saying, “According to the North Korean press, he regularly plays golf and hits three or four hole-in-one shots in a round.”

The North Korean press once reported that in his first round of golf in 1994, Kim scored an eagle on his first hole and hit a hole-in-one on the next consecutive 5 holes, recording a 38-under 34 in total. It is much lower than the lowest round of 59 in the professional golf history of America.

People who didn’t believe this insisted that it was a record set on a 9-hole course and not an 18-hole one, but New York Times mocked that it was proved to be a 18-hole score by seventeen body guards that accompanied Kim.

The Times added, “Once Kim participates on the PGA tour, he can gather up millions of dollars and therefore bring a tremendous change in the international payments of North Korea.” and said ironically, “However, in order to attend a PGA tour, he has to sojourn overseas for a long period, and I don’t think North Koreans will be able to move on without him.”

Kwon-Heui Hong konihong@donga.com