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Prime Minister Lee: “We Should Focus On Relocation of Administrative Functions”

Prime Minister Lee: “We Should Focus On Relocation of Administrative Functions”

Posted July. 04, 2004 22:07,   


“It will be better if we focus on the construction of the new capital by transferring administrative functions,” regarding the capital transfer, Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan said on July 3. “The legislature and the judiciary branch will be required to judge separately.”

Lee declared this in an interview with KBS radio, saying, “Since the judiciary branch is in great demand in the capital, the transfer is not directly related to attempts to dissolve overpopulation. In case of the legislature, the decision is up to itself.”

Lee said, “At first, the 2002 election pledges of President Roh Moo-hyun did not assume that the legislature and the judiciary branch would transfer together. In the process of working-level executives making special law, however, the transfer of all three divisions was made.”

Regarding an argument against the new administrative capital relocation, Minister Lee said: “The bill was passed by the National Assembly and is now under way. As it is already in the level of selection of the site, we will drive forward it.” He asked in return, “Who will deal with the social conflict and exhaustion of national power, in case that we do not drive forward with it?”

“It will proceed as scheduled,” was the comment regarding the additional dispatch of troops to Iraq. Lee said. “We will do our best to prepare security devices for the safety of the soldiers.”

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