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Chinese Press Slights Goguryo Culture

Posted July. 04, 2004 22:10,   


Goguryo was an ethnic minority state on the edge of ancient China, the Chinese press asserted in its reports last week of the registration of Goguryo historic sites on the World Heritage List.

Government-owned media such as People’s Daily and Xinhua News Agency made statements to that effect in reports that UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee (WHC) had added Goguryo sites from both China and North Korea to the annual list released Thursday.

“Goguryo was an ethnic minority government in the northeastern province during the Han and Tang dynasties. It was founded by Jumong from Buyeo 37 years before the birth of Christ,” reported People’s Daily.

Xinhua News Agency said, “Goguryo was a subordinate state that fell under the jurisdiction of the Chinese dynasties, and was under the great influence of China’s politics, culture and other areas.”

Despite the uniqueness of Goguryo’s culture, the Chinese press claimed Goguryo’s strong mountain fortresses, magnificent royal tombs and brilliant tomb murals as major parts of Chinese culture.

Most of the Chinese media left the news of WHC list unreported, or it was reported as a tidbit.

Yoo-Seong Hwang yshwang@donga.com