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Al-Qaeda Warns, “We Will Attack Western Aircrafts”

Posted June. 08, 2004 22:12,   


Al-Qaeda, an international terrorist group, warned Western countries, including the U.S., that a terror attack on aircrafts is imminent.

On June 7, this group, which self-declared as “Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,” posted a statement on the Islamic internet site that played footages of the beheading of American Nicholas Berg with the message, “In the near future, a direct attack will be carried out on concentrated residential areas of Americans and Westerners, military bases, means of transportation, and especially on aircrafts.”

This statement requested, “In order to avoid unjust damages, Muslims should not go near and refrain from any contact with the ‘Cross Warriors’ of Americans and Westerners, in addition to non-Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula.”

By a definite classification of the West, including the U.S. and Arab, this statement reveals their intention to avoid the public sentiment of condemnation against the death of Arabians. It is in the same vein of saving Muslims and murdering non-Muslims during the hostage terror act in the foreign residential area of Hobar, Saudi Arabia’s petroleum city.

Homeland Security Spokesman Brian Roehrkasse stated, “It seems that the statement was only targeted towards Westerners living in the Arabian Peninsula,” and added, “It only boasted of an ability to attack Westerners; however, there is no indication that a domestic American aircraft is a target.”

Ho-Gab Lee gdt@donga.com