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Prosecution: “Emphasis on Investigating Irrationalities of State-Run Companies”

Prosecution: “Emphasis on Investigating Irrationalities of State-Run Companies”

Posted June. 03, 2004 21:13,   


“We will have it as a major aim to eradicate corruption, to investigate irrationalities related to state-run companies and to root out organized crime to focus our investigative efforts,” said Prosecutor General Song Kwang-soo.

“Since people wish corruption to be eradicated, and there are many corruption cases, we will put emphasis on investigating them,” said Song at a news briefing and stated, “the prosecution will carefully observe irrationalities related to businesses having public character, including state-run companies.”

“We will launch an immediate investigation if there are matters and secret information, but we are not considering a planned audit and inspection in the form of an all-round investigation applying to the civil service and major companies,” said Song.

Regarding the investigative tradition that has brought on criticism due to the suspect’s suicide case and others, he stated, “We are planning to form a committee for improvement of investigative system tradition in order to radically review the investigative system of which questions have been indicated.”

“I think it desirable to maintain the function of the Central Investigation Department within the limits of not shrinking the investigative function of the District Public Prosecutor’s Offices,” said Song regarding the reshuffle of the Central Investigation Department at the Supreme Public Prosecutor’s Office, and stated, “We will abolish one section among three in the Central Investigation Department, but the organization of the department can be reinforced by withdrawing prosecutors nationwide if necessary.”

“We will constantly strengthen inspection activities such as cleaning up the internal prosecution organization of its own accord,” he added.

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