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[Editorial] 17th National Assembly, Be Apprehensive of the People

[Editorial] 17th National Assembly, Be Apprehensive of the People

Posted May. 30, 2004 22:29,   


The term of the 17th National Assembly has started. The new assembly should become a pure and productive political place in contrast to the previous assemblies, which were stained with corruption and political strife. That is the way to harmonize with the opinions of the public revealed in the April 15 general election that require both the ruling and opposition parties to drive forward to revive the economy and livelihood of the people with the spirit of mutual politics. However, the ambience is going wrong, exemplified by the political strife between the ruling and opposition parties over the appointment of a brand-new prime minister. Wise solutions should be worked up immediately in order to prevent the new Assembly from starting with struggles.

The 16th National Assembly was dotted with defects. The so-called “bullet-proof Assembly,” which was to protect corrupt assemblymen, had been continued, and indicted assemblymen had consecutively occurred due to illegal election campaign funds. Too many unreasonable disclosures were created. Under ceaseless political strife, a “livelihood assembly” could not exist.

The 17th National Assembly should be different. As for pending national problems such as political reformation, creating job openings, reducing regulations, and sending armed forces to Iraq, the assembly should approach these in terms of national and public interests rather than partisan politics.

The new National Assembly has been changed as it became the majority party for the first time in the recent sixteen years. The ruling party has gained the full scope to manage the national administration. But, it should keep a sharp lookout against the temptation as majority. With a larger number of seats of assembly, the ruling party should not try to push through bills that have not obtained enough consensuses from the public and the opposition parties. It is same for the opposition parties. The restraint against the intimidation of overwhelming authorities and the efforts for balanced politics are quite natural, but it should not incline toward “high pressure” instead of productive criticism.

In particular, the new assembly consists of 187 first-time elected assemblymen, who accounts for sixty-three percent of all assembly seats, attracting people’s attention for the fruitful alteration of Assembly. But still, many people are anxious about the “show-offish” manners of some people after their winning the election. Bearing in mind that the seats of assembly are not for enjoyment but sacrifices, they should be always modest and humble. The thing that 299 lawmakers should never forget for their whole 4-years terms of office is the mind to be apprehensive of the people.