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The KEF Possibly Participating in a Public Welfare Contribution Fund Discussion

The KEF Possibly Participating in a Public Welfare Contribution Fund Discussion

Posted May. 28, 2004 22:18,   


On May 28, Vice President of the Korea Employers Federation (KEF) Kim Young-bae stated clearly, in relation to labor circles asking for a public welfare contribution fund, “I can discuss with a labor circle if principles are set such that the fund is not a subject between the labor and the management.” Kim participated in a staff meeting that addressed personnel in major businesses and said in a press interview, “As companies decide their contribution to society, I can participate if a discussion is brought forth by social demand…”

However, he drew the line by saying, “It is a manager’s own right to decide whether to contribute or not.”

The KEF decided in a meeting on this day to act as the position of management by visiting the headquarters of both the party in power and the opposition party before the opening of the National Assembly so that its members, made up of both the Environment and Labor Committee, would not be biased.

Also, the KEF emphasized that the political circles should cooperate so each business’s negotiation between the labor and the management would not deteriorate and instead be solved through means of autonomy.

In addition, the KEF added that financial circles agreed to implement a counter-National Assembly measure by constituting a “consulting body for legislature” centered around five economic groups.

However, the labor circles opposed his remarks by saying that “it is not proper to discriminate a place for discussion.”

The leader of education and propaganda in the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions stated,

“An aim of the public wealth contribution fund is to gather wisdom with the labor and the management together to solve the crisis of part-timers, but it is not particular about formality. It is right to discuss with each other regardless of place and form.”

Lee added, “It is not proper to discuss in a public forum but to exclude the issue of a public wealth contribution fund. If this matter is raised in a negotiating table between the labor and the management, it can be handled as a negotiating subject.”

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