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Reconsidering Kim Hyuk-kyu for Prime Minister

Posted May. 27, 2004 20:27,   


Voices are spreading among the younger members of the Uri Party that the appointment of former South Gyeongsang governor, Kim Hyuk-kyu, should be reconsidered.

Some 10 newly and re-elected Uri Party members, including lawmaker Ahn Young-keun, held a private meeting on May 25, and all agreed on sending to Cheong Wa Dae a letter for reconsideration on designating the new prime minister.

These members have decided to reserve their official standpoint until the June 5th by-elections due to Shin Ki-nam and the party’s leaders holding them back. If there is no change in the “Kim Hyuk-kyu card” enforcement, the group is planning to take action.

Lawmaker Ahn said over a phone call with a reporter yesterday, “Before the general election, President Roh said he would give the nomination rights for the prime minister to the party, but there has been no such discussion over the matter up to now. We will refrain our actions until the June 5th by-elections, but this does not mean that we will stop but rather we will watch over for the moment.” Rep. Chong Jang-sun also said, “It is good for the ruling party to boost the president, but to continue on with omitting the procedures like this matter will bring some trouble.”

A lawmaker from Honam District (southwestern Cholla Province) who asked for anonymity said, “A retreat path should be open in case anything happens, and I can’t understand why they are talking hastily as if the designation for the prime minister is definite.”

However, at an extended meeting of the party executive members, Chairman Shin emphasized, “We will not give up or change our opinion just because of objections from the opposition party.”

A key official to the ruling party added, “Choosing the day to announce is now the only matter to settle. Considering the situation, there are possibilities that the prime minister nomination will be announced somewhere around June 7, after the by-elections.”

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