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Second Round of General Level Military Talks Set for June 3

Second Round of General Level Military Talks Set for June 3

Posted May. 26, 2004 22:06,   


North-South general level military talks was held at Mt. Keumkang Recreation Center for the first time and discussed measures to avoid accidental naval clashes during the period of catching crabs, but failed to reach a final agreement.

However, they agreed to hold the next round of talks at South Korea’s Mt. Sorak on June 3.

The defense officials from the two Koreas directly met after three years and eight months except the meeting of the headquarters of the UN followed the 2000 talks between defense ministers in September 2000.

South Korea suggested a package of measures to prevent clashes around the West Sea, including the establishment of a military hotline and the use of the same radio frequencies between South and North Korea’s fleets and the establishment of a two-way communication system using visual devices like flag signals. Meanwhile, North Korea claimed that propaganda stimulating the other partner should be stopped and their devices also should be removed from the front line.

South and North Korea will have the second round of talks next week through investigation and review each other’s situation and the issue of this talk.

On the other hand, South Korean officials were reported that they suggested North-South general level military talks are continued regularly and host the second round of minister level military talks. However, N. Korea’s response against the suggestions has not been known yet.

Five delegates of South Korea, led by ROK Navy Commodore Park Jung-hwa, took part in this talk including Bae Kwang-bok, a manager of Ministry of Unification and five delegates of North Korea, headed by Army Maj. Gen. An Ik-san (a two-star North Korean general holds the same rank as that of a one-star general in the South) participated in the talks.

Delegates from South Korea came back to Keumkangsan Hote in Gangwon province, via the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) around 6 p.m. on May 26

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