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Reference Job Offering System to be Introduced

Posted May. 21, 2004 22:14,   


“Alternative legislation” of the social protection law, which the Ministry of Justice is working on, has been criticized by the Uri Party for the reason of personal rights infringement. However, refutation is speculated as the Uri Party and the government jointly agreed on the system of witness under arrest.

The Uri Party agreed with the abolition of the social protection law, which states policies about criminals’ protection care and custody system, at a meeting held with the Ministry of Justice yesterday. The ministry suggested an alternative bill for the social protection law, which states that the care and custody should only be provided to felonious criminals, but this was denunciated by the Uri Party.

Uri Party’s Ahn Young-kun said, “We demanded a re-examination of the Ministry of Justice’s alternation bill after arguing about the improvement of the superintendence system.”

The Uri Party-government joint alliance also decided to create the system of witness under arrest which enlarges the area the system has effect on, from the violation of the National Security Law to every crime. They also plan to go ahead with the law amendment, which allows a less than 500,000 won penalty or personal protection in case of violation.

Furthermore, they decided to proceed with the criminal law or the criminal procedure law amendment by cross-examining the accused who received a bench warrant, before arresting them.

The party-government also decided to work on the “Civil law amendment” which argues for the abolition of the head of the family system and the same last name marriage ban that were not dealt with in the 16th Assembly, as soon as the 17th opens.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Justice abolished the current “Chinese brother nationality administration guide,” allowing easier entry by alleviating the blood relation validation.

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