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See It If You Can

Posted May. 17, 2004 22:19,   


“I didn’t know where to look,” said those who saw Ahn Shi-hyun’s clothes in the first round of the MBC X Canvas Open on May 14.

Actually, her dress and cap were exceptional. The contours of the upper part of her body were clearly visible, with her underwear almost showing through her white shirt without sleeves. She wore a cap tied with cloth for the first time in the game.

After winning the game on May 16, Ahn said, “Those who were around me were in an uproar. I heard my picture was posted on the Internet. My friends said, “It was too hot.” ‘Okay, if there is anything to see, just see it,’ I answered, laughing.”

Park Se-ri’s dress in the third round brought out herself as well. Park drew attention by wearing an orange-colored shirt without sleeves, pants, and a cap. She laughed, saying, “You didn’t see my skin under my clothes, did you? I guess it was almost dangerous. It was convenient though, because it felt soft to the touch.”

Park Ji-eun, who usually wears cargoes and mini skirt, smartened herself with a red sweater and a white mini skirt in the second round.

Like these, female golfers’ fashion is becoming more gorgeous and unconventional. Easy to wear was best before, but it is different now. It is the result of an elaborate and careful fashion strategy.

It cost about 0.2 billion won for Park’s golf wear. The marketing company, which is responsible for Park, asks Park’s opinion, selects cloth, and gives a factory an order for her clothes. It makes about two hundred items and sends them to Park in the U.S., but she picks only half of them. It is natural that her selection be picky as her sister studies fashion design in U.S.

Director Lee Sung-hwan in the marketing company, Sema Corporation, said, “At first, our objective was just to get out of “auntie” style. People say she is sharp these days. Some even ask “how can I get Park’s dress?” Park is planning to set up her own brand.”

The design team of Kolon, the company that Ahn belongs to, develops exceptional style by intention.

“We usually let Ahn wear our new product and see how people react. As the cap and clothes she wore at the first round got good reaction, we will sell the products starting this week. We design more elaborate costumes to be distinguishing.

If the dress is distinguishing, the golfer gets attention, and it means increased sales for the company. It is like two birds with one stone,” said a company spokesperson.

Amateur golfers’ clothes also catch the attention of people. On the recent cover of one of the most famous weekly newsmagazines, Time, it was reported, “Golf clothes are becoming more and more splendid and bold. World top designers are also participating in the market of golf fashion.”

“The recent trend is golf wear unlike golf wear,” said CEO of the golf clothing company UGG, revealing that sexy and splendid dress is getting attention.

Sang-Soo Kim ssoo@donga.com