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Chong Wa Dae Accepts the Verdict with Modesty

Posted May. 14, 2004 22:20,   


President Roh Moo-hyun, having lunch with chief secretary and staffs on March 14 after the rejection decision of his impeachment case by the Constitutional Court, said, “If we have reasonable attitudes like in this case, we’ll be able to do an even better job in the future.” President Roh also emphasized that “we should endeavor to create better quality policies on which all people agree.”

On May 15 at 10:00 a.m., President Roh will announce his will to improve the economy as well as people’s livelihoods through “statements giving to the people” which include the acknowledgment of his second presidential office and an apology for violating the election law articles applying to public servants’ neutrality and the right to protect the Constitutional law.

Yoon Tae-young, spokesman of Chong Wa Dae, stated, “We accept, with modesty, the Constitutional Court’s decision in front of the people,” and added, “We heartily thank our entire nation for its encouragement and concerns and we are going to embody the spirit of our participants’ government with renewed resolution.”

Park Geun-hye, representative of the Grand National Party, said in a press interview, “We are very sorry to have caused so much anxiety and trouble on account of the impeachment of the president.”

Continuing, Park said, “We respect the Constitutional Court’s decision and accept the verdict,” and also stated, “From now on, the ruling and opposition party together with the president should try to make our people unite by treating the wounds on both sides and overcoming the past.”

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