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Kim Sung-tak to Play Lead In MBC’s “Fairy of the Flower King”

Kim Sung-tak to Play Lead In MBC’s “Fairy of the Flower King”

Posted May. 04, 2004 21:01,   


"Since the end of `Woman in the Front House’ eight months ago, I’m starting a new soap opera. Although there have been several proposals to star in one-act dramas and mini-series, I’ve been in hiding to prepare for a big comeback."

Actor Kim Sung-tak (30), who became a star after his two roles in “Miss Mermaid” and “Woman in the Front House,” snatched the leading role of Kim Moo-bin in MBC`s daily soap opera Fairy of the Flower King (screenwriter Yim Sung-han, producer Lee Jin-young) that will start airing on May 31. “Fairy of the Flower King” touches on the subject of shamanism under the theme of “Is it possible to overcome fate?” MBC chose the subject of shamanism to beat KBS1`s “One Million Roses,” currently the number one soap opera.

Screenwriter Yim Sung-han is the star writer for MBC`s signature shows like “Can’t Look at You Enough” and “Miss Mermaid.”

The show revolves around the leading female role of Yoon Cho-won (Lee Da-hae), a pure-hearted daughter of a shaman who becomes alienated by her family and society after her identity is revealed. A drifter from one trifling job to another, Kim Moo-bin throws his good fortune away to find the meaning of life, and through this journey becomes a “prince” that chooses to stand next to his wounded “princess.”

"I don`t want to shed my image for a while. As an actor, I am still in the learning stage, so I don`t think it is the right time to go through an image transformation."

Kim Sung-tak was quoted as saying, "I obtained my scuba diving license, toured the country on motorcycle, and trained my mind and body watching Broadway shows in New York to be able to hear the audience say that although my roles are similar, ‘there is a new sparkle in his eyes since the last time I saw him on TV.’"

On being portrayed as “slick” every now and then, he laughed as he said, “I’m sure there are audiences who like that image.”

Although the show deals with shamanism, the leading actor and actress are both Christians in real life. Lee Da-hae sometimes visits fortune-tellers, but Kim Sung-tak said he never had his fortune read.

“If there’s a strong will, isn’t it possible to change your fate?”

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