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[Editorial] Should Open Uri Party Consider “Who’s Next?”

[Editorial] Should Open Uri Party Consider “Who’s Next?”

Posted May. 02, 2004 21:49,   


The rumors related to the leading Open Uri Party that are being circulated nowadays are remarkably dissatisfactory. The series of conflicts over the seats of party executives and cabinet posts such as, “who should remain behind” and “who is going to be appointed to a cabinet position,” are not coming to a stop.

The fact that these discords are in progress as a type of power struggle related to the next presidential seat makes this case more serious than those in other days. No matter how they justify themselves, people regard the discord as psychological warfare to hold an advantageous standpoint for the next presidential seat.

Is this the right time for such a struggle? Public opinion revealed by the outcome of the April 15 election focused on “Livelihood politics.” The Open Uri Party, which grabbed the majority in parliament, should think about how to lead the country properly and what is the best solution for these hardships with the people. There are so many pending problems related to livelihood, such as how to survive the plunging economy and how to make more job openings are waiting to be handled. Additionally, the North Korea nuclear problem, Iraqi troop dispatch bill, and political reforms are the other major problems that need immediate attention.

It is difficult to call the Open Uri Party a leading party if the party continues only to concentrate on the political strife rather than pending national problems. The major seats of the leading party and government are not for the figures who try to accumulate their own political background and who may be aiming for the presidency. The attitude of the Uri Party that sees a cabinet reshuffling as a grant of rewards for the election or a consolation of defeat in the election should also be corrected immediately. Political logic cannot take priority over the national competitiveness.

In addition, there is the impeachment bill still progressing in the constitutional court. Until the final decision is brought out of the constitutional court, any political discussions on the assumption that the impeachment bill would be rejected are not appropriate. It has been disclosed that Chong Wa Dae feels unpleasant, saying, “The president is still a defendant. This is not the proper time to think of a reshuffling.” In this situation, any “who’s next president?” stores cannot be welcome.