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[Editorial] Constitutional Court Needs Cooperation

Posted April. 22, 2004 20:59,   


Following the parliamentary decision to issue an impeachment bill against President Roh on March 12, the Constitutional Court has concentrated on the case with an unprecedented serious inspection and held a conference five times, including today’s public hearing. The court has organized an additional three conferences and public hearings this week. Though the Constitutional Court possesses a lot of reserve time as the constitution stipulates that the decision should be produced within a six-month period, they intend to progress through this case utilizing the fast track method due to concerns that long-term uncertainty regarding the presidency may have a negative influence on national, security, and economic fields.

“We will thoroughly and swiftly deal with this case in accordance with legal procedure because it is an important case,” Constitutional Court Chief Yoon Young-chul stated several times. In order to finish the impeachment inspection as soon as possible, the Constitutional Court should obtain mutual cooperation not only with the impeachment committee of National Parliament and the presidential advocate group, but also with the witnesses.

Former presidential aide Choi Do-sul’s refusal to testify is more than regretful. As the judicial group pointed out previously, the Parliamentary Impeachment Committee should also have self-containment to interrogate over and over, which can be substituted by a documented record of the prosecution. The political sector should also be patient, allowing the Constitutional Court to make a fair decision. They should avoid any politically motivated intervention or pressure.

It is expected that the head seat of the Legislation and Judiciary Committee of National Parliament will be handed over to the leading Open Uri Party’s assemblyman when the 17th Parliament officially initiates its work this June. In that case, the impeachment against parliamentary representatives and the presidential advocates will give the same assertion to the Constitutional Court. In order to prevent this kind of ridiculous situation, the impeachment decision should be wrapped up by May. Earnest cooperation is imperative for swift procedures.