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Rep. Kim Kyung-jae on the Verge of Paying Three Billion Won in Damages

Rep. Kim Kyung-jae on the Verge of Paying Three Billion Won in Damages

Posted April. 21, 2004 20:46,   


Kim Kyung-jae, former lawmaker of the Millennium Democratic Party, is on the verge of paying three billion won in damages as the court ruled against him in a lawsuit instituted by the Dongwon Industry in January for his allegations of President Roh’s camp receiving five billion won in slush funds from the company.

Part 19 of the civil division of the Seoul district court ruled in favor of Dongwon Business Group chairman Kim Jaecheol, and his two subsidiaries, Dongwon Capital and Dongwon F&B, and said, “Kim’s groundless allegations hurt their honor on April 21.” The court ordered Kim to pay three billion won to Dongwon.

“Dongwon may temporarily seize Kim’s assets,” the court ruled.

“The accused hasn’t responded to a number of requests by the court,” the court said, “His non-response is interpreted as his admission of the plaintiff’s allegations under civil law. The court ruled accordingly.”

“I know the lawsuit was initiated. But what I completely forgot about were the proceedings as I was tied up with the election campaigns,” Kim said, expressing his willingness to appeal. “I will make a deposit in the court to forestall Dongwon’s seizure and seek an injunction against its move.”

At an urgent central committee meeting of the party on January 29, Kim said, “At the direct demand of Roh Moo-hyun who was a presidential candidate in 2002, Dongwon Industry gave five billion won to the Roh camp.” It prompted Dongwon to bring criminal charges against him as well as damages from him.

Kim ran in the Gangbuk eul district of Seoul in the April 15 elections and lost.

Tae-Hoon Lee jefflee@donga.com